Out to lunch!

Occasionally dropping an idiom in your conversation will make you sound more fluent.

Here’s the idiom of the day:

Out to lunch.

Which doens’t only mean someone is on a lunch break…

When someone is out to lunch, it means that he/she is giddy, not alert, not quite there, not in reality….


Looks like he didn’t really pay attention to what we were saying..He’s out to lunch at the mo..


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To hold a candle

Here’s the idom of the way

To hold a candle..

But beware… it means something quite different whether it’s used in the positive form or the negative one…

To hold  a candle for someone= to have a crush/to like someone
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To NOT hold a candle to something= means “no way as good as, to compare badly to a known authority

Eg: The old phone just doesn’t hold a candle to the latest models.

In French it’s much less flattering or comfortable (tenir la chandelle…Means to be alone with a couple, or “to be the gooseberry” in English)

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Up to scratch…

Expression of the day:


Up to scratch…


When something is not quite up to scratch, it means it is not satisfactory, it doesn’t meet the standards and it could be better…



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We had a look at the presentation and as it is not quite up to scratch, we should work on it a bit more…

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An all-rounder….


What do you think an all-rounder is?


Not someone who’s completely round and drunk (rond in French)

An all-rounder is someone who has a many different skills or great versatility.



So glad she joined the team, she’s such an all-rounder …Capture d’écran 2015-03-19 à 16.31.41

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