Mary Poppins!

This morning, as I approached a client’s premisces for a coaching session, he said:


“Oh, here comes Mary Poppins!”


Although I  didn’t have a brollie*, I took it as a compliment.

Been a fan of her since I was a wee gal’


Brollie: a shortened, more hip name for an umbrella



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Over the moon!


LOUD & CLEAR ENGLISH is extremely happy to announce a new collaboration with:

LANCEL founded in 1876 by a pretty amazing and visionary woman: Angèle Lancel.

It’s a joy to collaborate with CARTIER and LANCEL which, as you might know, are luxury and eminent labels of the Richemont group, which encapsulate craftsmanship, excellence, heritage and modernity.

The subject of the training course is : “PUBLIC SPEAKING IN ENGLISH”.

It involves rehearsing PowerPoint presentations in  English as well as improving English speaking/communication/negotiation skills.

LOUD & CLEAR ENGLISH  is over the moon (this, as it happens, is the idiom of the day and it means “very happy”) and aims to be the Queen of training.Overthemoon

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