Right up my alley

Here’s the expression of the day (it’s been a while, Loud & Clear English has been on the busy side 🙂 )

Right up my alley

If something is right up your alley, it means that it’s ideally suited to  your interests, that you love doing it.

One can also say “It’s right down my alley”



Horseriding is right down my alley. I love it.

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Seal of approval!

Loud & Clear English has been

accredited by Stratexio

as “expert consultant”.


Stratexio focuses on helping French companies boost their activities overseas .

Average communication/negotiation/public speaking in English can be a major hindrance for these organisations.

This is where Loud & Clear English comes in.


More exciting things ahead.Please visit their website for extra information



Stratexio est une initiative dédiée aux chefs d’entreprises exportateurs qui se regroupent par affinité au sein de CLUBS STRATEXIO pour améliorer durablement leurs performances à l’international.

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