Word of mouth


There’s nothing quite like a good recommendation.


 Loud & Clear English is thrilled.


BECAUSE if people and companies keep coming to me, it’s ALL through word of mouth.

BECAUSE they are realising how important it is to speak English correctly, especially when they operate internationally.

BECAUSE, with a bit of help, they are then able to project a good image of themselves and of their group.

BECAUSE, after a few coaching sessions, they realise that they are understood more easily in a sales/design pitch, a conference, a speech, you name it.

BECAUSE they are taken more seriously.

BECAUSE, after having worked with me, they become more convincing in English and are thus able to convey passion.

BECAUSE their self-confidence increases when they have to speak in public in English.


In a nutshell, because they feel boosted.


And this is precisely the role of a good coach: to BOOST people.


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