Common mistakes are:

When a French (or non-native) person speaks English publicly, the most common mistakes are:

Talking too fast

Because you think it sounds cool and more native.

It doesn’t. It just makes it hard for people to follow you.

Skipping sounds

Like saying “worl” instead of “world”, making your speech difficult to understand. After a short while people will lose interest or concentration, and discreetly dive into their smartphones.

Misplacing the stress

Like saying “determine” , “archive”, “hierarchy”, “development”, “ownership” etc..wrongly
Now that’s very important. See “Tools” section

Confusing two different sounds

Like pronouncing “slip” , “hit”, “live” the same way as “sleep”, “heat”, “leave”.

Focusing too much on the spelling

of words rather than concentrating on their sound

While working with me, your bad habits & mistakes will disappear.


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