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Loud & Clear English has fantastic tools to help you:

>To boost your public speaking skills in English for a successful round table event

>To be simply the best !


Like, how to:





In need of a great voice-over in English?

Loud & Clear English has it for you!


As you know, Loud & Clear English is about coaching public speaking in English.

But Loud & Clear English is also about doing voice overs for your films, ads, documentaries and vdos.

Check out samples here:


Here is the general feedback I get from clients:

Professional/Patient/Versatile/Job done in a couple of takes

Some of my references are:

Telecom Paris Tech/Maison du Marais/Musée des lettres et Manuscrits/Unesco/Chateau de CHAMBORD/Parc de l’Argonne/Laboratoires JANSSEN/Mémorial Charles de Gaulle

Loud & Clear English and Cartier


The jeweller of kings and the king of jewellers.

(King Edward VII  quote regarding the Maison Cartier)

Loud & Clear English is thrilled to have had another opportunity to coach Public speaking in English at Cartier, a house of true excellence and outstanding craftsmanship.

The L&D (learning & development) department’s aim is to continue to spread and communicate these values worldwide, in the best possible and most professional way.

Loud & Clear English est dans le DataDoc!

Loud & Clear English a été rendu référençable dans le DataDock.

Le DataDock:

Ceci signifie que chaque financeur (Opca/Afdas/Pole emploi etc) pourra désormais  inscrire les prestations de Loud & Clear English dans son catalogue de référence selon ses propres modalités.

A partir de janvier 2017, pour être financée, une formation devra être réalisée par un organisme de formation référencé par le financeur, c’est-à-dire qu’il devra répondre aux  critères de qualité définis par la loi du 5 mars 2014.

C’est un gage de crédibilité tant pour les entreprises que pour les salariés bénéficiaires de formation.

Firmenich and Loud & Clear English

Loud and Clear English is very happy and proud to be working with FIRMENICH!

Firmenich is the world’s largest privately-owned fragrance company.

They understood how important it is for their talents to excel at public speaking and delivering presentations in English, in the most natural, professional, convincing and enticing manner.



Busy at the printer’s!


What’s the best way to get new clients?


The viral way?..

Social networks?…

Sure, they’re wonderful!


But it turns out that Loud & Clear English‘s growth is thanks to these 3 letters:


Word Of Mouth.


Plus a few handsome brochures.
No better ad than a satisfied client with a handful of our leaflets.






An exciting product at Loud & Clear English

The E.P.

In other words, the Elevator Pitch, or rather, learning how to deliver it well in English.


What it is:

It’s a tight pitch  : 30 seconds to 2 minutes, as if you were in an elevator (we Brits say “lift”..).

A good EP has all the necessary information about YOU.

In 120 words max.

What we will work on:

Focusing on who you really are, your core business, your main sales points , your ++, and what you really want to convey.

Working on the speech side of things, on how to deliver your EP in a calm, collected, professional and convincing manner.

Loud & Clear English is there to BOOST your business.






A great workout!

Loud & clear English is proud to announce its further collaboration with other talents at Quintiles IMS, newly merged*, in la Défense.


Our coaching sessions take place at the top of the most incredible tower with spaceful offices offering awsome views on Paris and the Eiffel tower.


Great public speaking in English workouts!


*Quintiles and IMS Health have merged to form QuintilesIMS


IMS Health and Loud & Clear English

Loud & Clear English is happy to announce further collaboration with 

IMS Health


-Public speaking in English

-Boosting communication skills in English


IMS Health is now located in amazingly modern and swish premises in La Défense D2