Version Sept. 2021

Here is the type of feedback I get from past and present clients. Names undisclosed for privacy.

Last entries September 2021

  • “Thanks to Sylvia for her work, her dynamism and her encouragement! An efficient work method adapted   to my level and my business needs.I was surprised by the method at first but it worked well ! ”  LUXURY REAL ESTATE MARKETING MANAGER. PARIS/AIX
  • “Just wanted to give you a quick update : my webinars went very well. Thanks a lot for the training, it helped a lot.
    I was much more confident in presenting, especially in the current context (Covid_Zoom webinars) //
  • “Thank you so much for this great coaching which helped me a lot in so many ways. It was a real pleasure to work with you”. LUXURY BRAND IDENTITY MANAGER. PARIS
  • “Thank you so much for your time, and your love for people. It was such a good training” //MARKETING MANAGER. WEST AFRICA
  • I would like to thank you again for the tailor made courses, which helped me boost my self-confidence and deliver more impactful messages during the webinars. Your courses helped me to understand that intonations and musicality are important and contribute in providing stronger communication. Then, your programme was tailor made because it  focused on my powerpoint presentation and my everyday professional jargon and scientific words. Your recordings were particularly useful for practicing by myself every day.// PRINCIPAL SCIENTIST | Corporate R&D Division GENEVA
  • Je vous remercie vivement pour le travail réalisé ensemble. La table ronde s’est bien passée. Je me suis sentie à l’aise et j’ai été comprise ! Il y a eu des questions. Et c’est là où je pense que le travail fait ensemble m’a été très utile”.   // INVESTMENT  DIRECTOR
  • “Sessions with you were very helpful, helped me boost my self-confidence and master my lines before going on stage”// LEADING French ACTRESS
  • “Dear Sylvia, I did it!! Thanks a lot for your great training. Everything   went well and the client was very happy”.  // EVENTS MANAGER. PARIS
  • J’ai tenu un rendez-vous en anglais et non seulement il s’est vraiment bien passé mais j’étais surtout tellement à l’aise que c’était un vrai bonheur ! Pour ça je vous dis merci, mille mercis, vous êtes vraiment fantastique ! Quel changement radical grâce à votre enseignement !!” // SOLLICITOR/Real Estate NOTARY. PARIS
  • “Working with Sylvia Lotthé is a fast and effective way to improve your English elocution, I highly recommend those courses.”. // FASHION PR. PARIS
  • Sylvia Lotthé  has been patient and focused. She helped me immensely in public speaking  and presentation skills in English” . //PROFESSIONAL SERVICES MANAGER.
  • “Working with Sylvia Lotthé  has helped me feel more confident when I speak Engish in public. It has become easier to understand my English speaking counterparts” . // TECHNOLOGY OPERATION DIRECTOR
  • “My goals were to enrich my vocabulary and improve my pronunciation. They have been met.” // LEADING French ACTOR. PARIS & LOS ANGELES
  • “The exercises are a fun and effective approach and the atmosphere of the sessions was very friendly.”. LUXURY BRAND PR
  • “It boosted my self-confidence”. SORBONNE PROFESSOR. PARIS
  • “I find it easier to understand English speaking partners”. LUXURY BRAND MANAGER.
  • “I mastered my text”. FRENCH ACTOR. PARIS
  • “People understand me better“. UNIVERSITY PROFESSOR. PARIS
  • “Sylvia Lotthé acts not only as a great trainer, teaching me English vocabulary and correcting my accent, but also as a professional, anticipating questions and issues that an employer might have. Working with Sylvia Lotthé was a pleasure and a success as I have been taken on by my employer. For these reasons, I truly recommend Sylvia ‘s work as a trainer”. FASHION PR. PARIS.
  • “I had the opportunity to learn extra English vocabulary and elocution skills thanks to Sylvia Lotthé during my 3rd year of fashion studies. She helped me prepare the interview for my end of studies internship in English and took the time to share her energy and professionalism. And the good news is that I got the placement ! ” FASHION INTERN. PARIS

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L’organisme de formation SYLVIA LOTTHÉ s’engage à traiter les dysfonctionnements et réclamations selon un processus adapté. Je vous invite à me contacter par mail : ou par Linked-In (Sylvia Lotthé)

The SYLVIA LOTTHÉ training organization is committed to dealing with malfunctions and complaints according to an appropriate process. I invite you to contact me by email: or by Linked-In (Sylvia Lotthé)